Opt in before Mandatory Health Insurance Hits

health care reform

With the Affordable Care Act set to be fully implemented in January of 2014 how much thought have you given to how the law will affect you?  Starting January 1st Americans will be required to purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Before you get defensive or incited, take a moment to think about your options. The numbers Some people are already saying that they would rather choose to pay the penalty instead of buying health care coverage for themselves.  Here’s the skinny on that penalty.  For the 2014…

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New health insurance survey reveals an alarming rate of uninsured Americans

A new health insurance survey shows that more than 9 million adults lost their health insurance coverage due to job loss in 2010. The Commonwealth Fund 2010 Biennial Health Insurance Survey, which was released Wednesday, estimates that 57% of people in the country become uninsured because of the recession. It paints a grim picture for millions of families reporting who have been stricken by job loss. The ailing economy had made it difficult to find work, particularly employment that offers benefits. Despite a recovering economic climate, families are still at…

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Americans uninsured on the rise

An epidemic has swept across our nation. The number of people who are uninsured is over 13 million. There are about 1500 community care clinics across the United States. Many of those clinics will have their funding cut; if they even get government aid; many are funded on donations or private grants. Where do you turn when you’re ill and have no insurance? At last count, there were 43 states that made Medicaid unavailable for adults with no children. Even if you didn’t have a dime to your name; without…

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