Auto Club Insurance files for $202 million California car insurance rate increase

Car insurance - Increase in Rates

Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s office has received the request to let the company hike premiums. Auto Club Insurance has filed for an overall California car insurance rate hike of 6.9 percent. This will impact 1.44 million policyholders and the total of 2.68 million vehicles they have insured through that provider. The rate increase will mean an average annual hike in premiums of $75 per vehicle ($140 per policy). There have already been several insurers that have filed in California to be able to increase their car insurance rates for new and…

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Study suggests that auto insurance may be too expensive for low income drivers.

A new study from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a consumer advocacy group, suggests that auto insurance is too expensive for the poorest Americans to afford. CFA claims that this is to bias seen in the insurance industry despite the fact that insurers cannot base prices solely on a person’s income. In most states, however, insurers can use socio-economic information to price policies, which directly correlates to income. This could be a major problem in states in which auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers. The study shows that,…

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