Louisiana home insurance discounts are disappointing many homeowners

Insurance discounts - Home roof Not impressed

Amid the state’s coverage crisis, there is debate regarding the size of the reductions for fortified roofs. Louisiana homeowners who have taken on the added expense of fortified roofs are finding that the insurance discounts they receive aren’t nearly as high as they would have expected. Fortified roofs are often expected to make coverage cheaper Homeowners across Louisiana have found themselves facing repairs again and again as the state is hit with major hurricanes over the years.  From Katrina to Ida, some homeowners chose to try to kill two birds…

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Louisiana home insurance to see major changes, says new state commissioner

Home insurance Changes - Louisiana

As the state aims to find a way to repair its current crisis, it is making sweeping changes Louisiana residents are about to see a number of widespread changes to home insurance in the state as the new commissioner Tim Temple aims to fix the crisis in the state. Temple is determined to correct the state’s crisis “Louisiana has a very heavy-handed regulatory reputation,” said Temple. “We’re changing that.” Last week, he outlined a number of sweeping changes to the home insurance regulations in the state, making it possible for…

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FedNat Holding Company withdrawing from Louisiana home insurance market

Louisiana home insurance

The insurer is the fourth largest in the state and is leaving due to hurricane-related losses. The fourth largest Louisiana home insurance company, FedNat Holding, has announced that it will stop renewing policies due to the losses it has suffered over the last 15 months from hurricane claims. The homeowners’ insurer has stated that it will also be making its way out of Texas for the same reason. According to the announcement from FedNat, made by its CEO Michael H. Braun, it will be leaving the Texas and Louisiana home…

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