Health plan reserves for Louisiana state employees shrinks

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The Jindal administration is blaming the higher cost of claims and declining premiums. It was only slightly more than two years ago that there had been about a $500 million in the health plan reserves for the state employee program in Louisiana, but that has changed considerably over that short period of time. The balance within the insurance fund has now dwindled to an amount that is about half that size. This reserve balance for the health plans is meant to help to cover the medical claims that are made…

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Health insurance exchange considered too complex in Louisiana

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Commissioner Donelon criticized state’s health insurance exchange Health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. will begin open enrollment next week, but that does not mean that the controversy surrounding these exchanges will be put to rest, at least not in Louisiana. The state’s Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon, claims that consumers will not be able to access enough information to make adequate decisions concerning their health insurance coverage. The Commissioner suggests that the exchanges are designed to be too complex, which could create extreme confusion among those looking to purchase coverage from…

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Health insurance comparison guide for 2013 Medicare supplement released

Medicare open enrollment deadline approaching fast – things you should know!

The Louisiana Department of Insurance and senior counselors are helping beneficiaries for next year. With the 2013 open enrollment period growing closer to completion for Medicare health insurance beneficiaries, officials in the industry are now ready to help people to ensure that they make the right choices for their coverage. Assistance is now available for helping to make decisions and use the coverage more effectively. Louisiana Department of Insurance Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) has counselors who are working throughout the state to help beneficiaries of Medicare to choose…

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Louisiana will not build a health insurance exchange

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Louisiana rejects plans to build an exchange program Louisiana has become the latest state to inform the Department of Health and Human Services that it will not run its own health insurance exchange. The state has been examining the viability of an exchange program for some time, but has been fundamentally opposed to the overarching Affordable Care Act. The state’s stance on the health care reform law has put it at odds with the federal government’s insistence that states build a working health insurance exchange. Governor Jindal notifies federal agency…

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Louisiana health groups file lawsuit concerning health insurance

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon - Insurance News

Health groups argue Insurance Commissioner overstepped boundaries in regard to health insurance laws Two health care groups in Louisiana have filed a lawsuit against Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon concerning his actions in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. The groups – Louisiana State Medical Society and the Louisiana Hospital Association – argue that the Insurance Commissioner exaggerated his authority as a response to the natural disaster. The lawsuit cites the changes the Commissioner made to health insurance regulations and coverage due to an emergency ruling that granted him with expanded authority.…

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Some states making major progress on insurance exchanges, while others lag behind

Throughout the U.S., progress on setting up health insurance exchanges is accelerating. As of December, 2011, 13 states had fully functional exchange programs. Several other states have legislations pending that would allow for the building of the exchanges. While many states oppose the overarching Affordable Care Act, only Arkansas and Louisiana have chosen not to build insurance exchanges of any kind. According to the law, all states must have an operational exchange program in place by 2014. As of now, 20 states are making major progress toward establishing exchanges. The…

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Federal officials ready to debate health insurance rate increase of 10% or more

U.S. officials are getting ready to debate whether or not increases in the rates for health insurance of 10 percent or more were excessive within seven states which have rate review processes that have been labeled ineffective.  The rate review systems for Louisiana, Alabama, Montana, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Missouri, as well as four territories have been deemed to be insufficient by the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO). The CCIIO is a branch of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.   According to the CCIIO, federal officials, under…

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