Homeowners insurance from Citizens may be getting pricier (again)

Louisiana homeowners insurance news

Louisiana residents with this coverage may soon be paying more for their coverage later in 2016. Residents of Louisiana who purchase the homeowners insurance of last resort in the state may soon find that their rates are going to be higher than they had been last year, if Citizens gains approval for an increase request that they have submitted. The increases wouldn’t go into effect until later this year, but property owners should prepare themselves. Should the homeowners insurance rate increases be approved, it will be residents of Terrebonne and…

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Homeowners insurance rebates available to many in Louisiana

Citizens Insurance Louisiana homeowners insurance property

Citizens rebates are available to many property owners who pay taxes within the state. Officials in Louisiana are reminding property tax payers in the state that they may be able to benefit from a tax rebate which could give back some of what they have been paying into homeowners insurance for Citizens assessments. These payments have been made as a part of the overall property coverage bills and may be claimed. According to the state officials, many people in Louisiana can receive rebates for the assessments that they have been…

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Homeowners insurance policyholders step away from Citizens

Homeowners Insurance

A growing number of customers in Louisiana are seeking coverage elsewhere. According to the homeowners insurance commissioner in Louisiana, there have been 6,877 policies that have now left Citizens and that are now being covered by private insurers. These property owners will benefit from the change because they will likely have lower premiums. Citizens homeowners insurance is currently facing a legal requirement which forces them to have to increase their premiums. By law, that insurer must now charge more. Therefore, the customers that have now moved their policies to private…

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Insurance news from Louisiana shows Citizens chief will not receive $50K raise

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon - Insurance News

Jim Donelon, the commissioner for the state, has rejected the pay increase for the company’s top exec. The CEO of Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., Richard Robertson, made insurance news when his pay raise of $50,000 was rejected by the state’s commissioner, Jim Donelon. The commissioner said that this is the wrong time for the raise, though the CEO’s work was praised. Commissioner Donelon said that Robertson has done good work as the CEO of the state-run property insurer, but that the timing of this salary increase was inappropriate. Donelon…

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Homeowners insurance through Citizens in Louisiana is hanging in there

Citizens Louisiana homeowners insurance

Isaac claims have left the last resort insurer in pretty good shape. Though Hurricane Isaac certainly left its mark and was considered to be a “fairly significant event” for the homeowners insurance of last resort, Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the insurer was still able to cover the claims that came in and had the resources that it needed ready and waiting. This insurance news was released by Richard Robertson, the insurer’s chief executive. Citizens is the homeowners insurance company that sells its policies to people within the state who…

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Hurricane insurance in Louisiana takes center focus for Citizens

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The insurer of last result is concentrating on settling severe weather lawsuits. Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in Louisiana is working to negotiate the settlements of the last two hurricane insurance class action lawsuits that it has been handling regarding the claims from Katrina and Rita. The board has voted to authorize two settlement negotiator groups to work on establishing agreements. According to the CEO of Citizens, Richard Robertson, “The board really would like to get these cases resolved and move forward.” Any of the proposals that are made will be…

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New Louisiana bill helps coastal parish Citizens insurance customers

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Latest state insurance news provides a bit of relief to these policyholders. Residents along the coast of Louisiana who have policies with Citizens insurance – the insurer operated by the state – can now expect a 10 percent reduction on their premiums over the next three years due to recent legislation that has been sent to Governor Bobby Jindal by the state lawmakers. Only hours before the annual session ended on Monday, Senate Bill 204 was passed by the Legislature. It is hoped that Senator Dan Morrish (R-Jennings)’s bill will…

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