The Average Monthly Cost of Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

If you are a tenant, it is imperative that you invest in renters insurance  to protect your personal property. While the landlord does carry insurance  to cover the property, renters insurance is designed to cover potential claims that can affect you as a tenant. Personal property, loss of use, and liability coverage are the most common coverage options offered by a renter’s insurance contract. If you understand what these specialized property insurance contracts cover and how much you can expect to pay for coverage, you will get peace of mind…

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Floods in Thailand causes insurance capacity to contract

Companies that have been waiting to resume business following the massive flooding last year are now struggling to restart their production again as a result of an insurance capacity that has been significantly reduced, and because those coverage options that are available have significantly higher prices and stricter terms. According to Aon Benfield, the insurance industry in the country saw significant losses which reached an estimated $10 billion as a result of the floods that began in the summer of 2011. Much of the insured losses came from the international…

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Chubb Insurance Group expands coverages for auto policies

The Chubb Group Insurance will be adding to, and expanding, aspects of their automotive policies. Customers in four states can now take advantage of pet coverage that was added to their auto policies. The additional coverage will help to pay for medical treatment the pet may require if it is in the vehicle when the owner is involved in an accident. The Chubb Group is also raising the limit on loss-of-use coverage, and broadening the lease (GAP) coverage. Additionally, they are adding replacement cost coverage on new vehicles; if an…

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