Lyme disease insurance bill could mandate long-term coverage

Financial Lyme Disease Insurance News

Should this bill pass, it would mean that patients struggling with this condition will benefit from continued coverage. Lyme disease insurance isn’t necessarily something that people are always talking about, but it is an issue that becomes tremendously important to the millions of people who are afflicted with this tick-borne illness. In Massachusetts, this bill is currently being battled out between patient advocates and insurance companies. The Lyme disease insurance bill is certainly controversial. If it should pass, it would require long-term insurance coverage for patients who are experiencing the…

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Disability insurance becomes more complex and expensive

Employee disability benefits, as is the case with virtually every other kind of workplace benefit, has become an expense that workers are beginning to need to pay for and manage – at least to some degree – themselves. Now that the 2012 open enrollment season has begun, an increasing number of employers are requesting that workers take on some of the financial burden for some of the more high-end forms of disability protection. Mercer benefits consultant partner, Rich Fuerstenberg, said that he has been witnessing a gradual trend toward workers…

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Arizona Governor’s insurance plan rebuked by lawmakers

Arizona lawmakers have been called to action by Governor, Jan Brewer, regarding the state’s unemployment insurance programs. The recession of 2008 has had long lasting consequences, leaving many people out of work and unable to afford any kind of insurance coverage. Arizona’s program had been one of the few places where long-term unemployed individuals could find coverage. Brewer has been an advocate for the program, but the state’s Legislature has repeatedly failed to make changes that would expand the program to include more people. Brewer proposed measures that would extend…

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