Long term care insurance study identifies women’s coverage concerns

Long Term Care Insurance Industry

Research conducted by a Milwaukee insurer has identified a number of enlightening facts. The results of a long term care insurance study performed by Northwestern Mutual Life have shown that while women seem to have a greater understanding than their male counterparts regarding the options and resources that are available to a person who requires assisted living services, they are also notably less likely to purchase the necessary coverage to shelter them from those risks. The insurer released its findings in time for the awareness month for this form of…

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Decrease your risk of needing to use long term care insurance

Building Insurance Costs

Though coverage remains important, it is still better not to have to make a claim. Long term care is a vital coverage for many people to have in case they should ever be injured or become ill, requiring medical services and assistance that would otherwise be financially burdensome or crippling, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll want to make a claim just because you’re covered. As much as it is a good protection to have, it is still best to take care not to have to use it. For one…

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