Long term care insurance to take some pressure from Medicaid and Medicare

Long Term Care insurance Costs

These expenses could start to threaten these healthcare programs if the coverage doesn’t take off. The latest reports about the number of people who are purchasing long term care insurance are revealing that if this trend continues, it could end up leading to a considerable amount of strain on the Medicaid and Medicare programs than they have faced in the past. Many parts of the country see expenses greater than $100,000 per person for these services. As this level of cost can rapidly deplete a family’s finances, it can rapidly…

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Long term care insurance rates are on the rise

Health insurance plan

Prices are increasing for new policies in both individual and group plans. Experts in the coverage industry are now saying that the price of a long term care insurance policy is currently on the way up. The risk is that it may cause them to become cost prohibitive for the middle class The price increases for new policies of long term care insurance aren’t climbing only in individual coverage, but many group policies are also on the rise. In fact, when compared to five years ago, there has been an…

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The price of long-term care insurance coverage is on the rise

As the Baby Boomer generation comes to the cusp of the discovery that long-term care insurance may be a wise step to cover potential upcoming needs, the insurance industry has found that this sector of its marketplace is withering, the price of its policies is skyrocketing, and the available coverage is being changed by the insurers. Long-term care insurance is the coverage that has been designed to provide payments for the medical services that are not usually covered by standard health insurance, for example: in-home care, nursing homes, and assisted…

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The return of the long-term care services funding debate

According to an online article in Forbes on March 14, following the end of the CLASS Act last year, there has been a great deal of concern about the way that the needs for long-term care by the elderly and disabled younger adults, will be financed in the United States. Federal officials and about two dozen states have now taken a fresh step to rectify this problem, working with insurance company executives, advocates, and researchers in a meeting that lasted almost six hours for an idea exchange. The group was…

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Employees may qualify for long-term care more easily through employers

LTC Financial Partners LLC. – one of the leading long-term care insurance companies in the United States – has released a statement to Americans in the hopes of assisting them to more easily obtain long-term care insurance and at a better rate simply by asking their employers about it. According to the senior vice president of business development for the insurer, Dan Cahn, by asking their employers about this coverage “could save you time, paperwork, and money — even if your workplace has no group LTC benefit in force.” The…

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