Long term care insurance prices raise concerns

Long Term Care Insurance Premiums on the Rise

Insurance commissioners in nearly every state are alarmed as they have nearly no authority to stop these skyrocketing rates. Across the country, state authorities are finding that the price of long term care insurance coverage is heading sky high at an increasingly rapid rate, and at the moment, they don’t have much in terms of power when it comes to actually controlling this issue. Regardless of claim history or health status, insurance premiums are rising at a staggering pace. It is not unheard of – or even uncommon – for…

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Long term care insurance company fined $115,000

Insurance Company standards financial federal reserve

Oregon regulators have slapped Bankers Life with the penalty regarding mishandling of claims. State regulators in Oregon have handed Bankers Life and Casualty Co. a massive fine of $115,000 because the long term care insurance company had been mishandling claims that were being filed by disabled and elderly policyholders. The fine was issued after the insurer had been found to have made dozens of violations to the regulations in the state. According to Laura Cali, the Commissioner in Oregon, “I think we’ve made it very clear to them that this…

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Long term care insurance discounts and costs vary more widely

Long Term Care Insurance Planning

A recent analysis has revealed that choosing the proper insurer can make a vast difference in the expense. A recent analysis has determined that there are considerable price differences offered among the leading long term care insurance companies in the United States, and that this knowledge could either save or cost consumers hundreds of dollars on an annual basis. This sector of the industry is in a state of flux, which is causing insurers to use different approaches to setting prices. According to the American Association for Long Term Care…

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Long term care insurance pricing to factor in gender

Long Term Care Insurance cost for women gender

Women are about to see their LTCI premiums head skyward compared to those paid by men. The average lifespan of a woman is considerably longer than that of a man and, for the first time in the United States, some long term care insurance companies are seeking to make them pay higher premiums to help to compensate for the higher costs that this longer lifespan entails. Pricing that is gender specific is something that has been tossed around for some time now. As long term care insurance providers seek to…

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