Life insurance often considered long term care coverage alternative in Maine

Elderly selling their life insurance to get pay out

A new bill in the state could offer consumers a more affordable form of LTC coverage. Seniors living in Maine and who are reliant on the MaineCare program, which is currently strained for cash, may find that a new opportunity is opening up to help them to obtain long term care coverage – which is traditionally quite expensive – through life insurance policies, should lawmakers decide to pass a new bill. This bill does have a notable amount of support already and is currently under debate in the Legislature. The…

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The costliest states for long term care services

Long Term Care insurance Costs

Genworth Financial has released a study regarding the most expensive places for assistance. A study by Genworth Financial Inc. has identified the states in which long term care insurance is most important due to the highest costs of services for the sick and the elderly. It found that Massachusetts has the highest price tags in the country for these services. Residents of the Bay State face the greatest expense for services designed for caring for the elderly and the unwell. At the same time, according to the study, the people…

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Residents of California still aren’t buying into long term care insurance

The results of a survey of the residents of California have just been released, to show that while an increasing number are aware that there is a possibility that they will be required to cover certain long term care costs, such as nursing homes, as they get older, only a small percentage are willing to purchase long term care insurance. The survey showed that when compared with the statistics from 17 years ago (when the survey was first conducted), today’s consumers are twice as likely to say that they are…

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Is it time to think about long term care insurance

Among all of the different kinds of insurance given priority among Americans, long term care (LTC) insurance rarely makes the top of the list, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that can offer great benefit. It is important to understand LTC insurance before buying a policy or failing to do so. While you speak with your insurance agent about your portfolio, it may be wise to consider LTC if it is something that he or she has recommended. All too many families have found themselves facing severe financial…

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Aon Study reveals an increase in average long term care liability claims

Aon Risk Solutions has released the results of research in its 2011 Long term Care General Liability and Professional Liability Actuarial Analysis, which showed that even though the frequency of claims is declining, the costs of long term care liability are on the rise as a result of an increasing average size of the claims. When compared to 2010, this year has shown a rise in the average size of claims that equals approximately 4 percent. Across the country, the severity and size of the liability claims saw a steady…

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Unique options for the U.S. long term care situation

With medical care costs still skyrocketing, many older adults are concerned about whether they need to have long-term care insurance (LTCI). This insurance was created to cover “long-term” type care that would not be covered by Medicare or other regular health insurance policies. There are affordable LTCI plans, and there are other options you should know about as well.  In the state of the economy, people are wondering if they really need to continue to pay for insurance that may, or may not be needed as they get older. Long-term…

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