Former USC player files lawsuit against Lloyd’s over insurance policy

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Marqise Lee had been a first round 2014 NFL draft prospect ahead of the college football season in 2013. Marqise Lee, a former wide receiver from the University of Southern California (USC) is suing over an insurance policy after having been injured in the 2013 college football season, during which he had been considered to be a first round prospect for the 2014 National Football League (NFL) draft. During that season, the player was held back by a knee injury and dropped to the 2014 draft’s second round. Finally, the…

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New cyber insurance company being backed by Lloyd’s of London

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Tom Ride to work with Lloyd’s in order to form a new insurance organization Tom Ridge, the United States’ first Secretary of Homeland Security, is working with Lloyd’s of London in order to launch a new company that will specialize in cyber insurance. Many of the world’s businesses have become inseparably reliant on technology. Much like the physical world, the digital world is not a safe place and there are many risks that businesses face by embracing technology more completely. Without adequate insurance coverage, companies targeted by malicious digital attacks…

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Demand for cyber insurance is on the rise

Cyber Insurance

Cyber attacks are becoming more common, leading to a rise in demand for insurance protection Cyber attacks of businesses are beginning to increase in frequency, according to Lloyd’s of London’s Barbican Group. The underwriting group believes that the market for cyber insurance will increase dramatically over the coming years, noting that premiums for this coverage have skyrocketed since 2009. Businesses are beginning to be targeted by cyber attacks because some of them lack appropriate security measures, while others simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of digital threats.…

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Flood insurance available in Canada for the first time

Calgary alberta flood insurance

The coverage is now becoming available in Calgary, with memories of last year’s devastation still fresh. One Calgary insurer is now providing flood insurance in the city, representing a first in the entire industry across Canada, which does not currently provide overland flooding protection anywhere else. This specific type of policy covers damage from rising waters, as opposed to broken pipes or a leaky roof. This overland flood insurance is now being offered to businesses in Calgary. That said, the insurance industry in the country has decided that this is…

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Lloyd’s of London calls the insurance industry to action on climate change

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Climate change may need more attention from the insurance industry Lloyd’s of London, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, has released a new report titled “Catastrophe Modeling and Climate Change.” The issue of climate change has been steeped in controversy for some time. There are those that suggest that climate change is little more than an exaggeration of a natural process that has been occurring for millennia. Others suggest that if climate change continues to occur unabated, the human species may be faced with the very real…

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