Texas Windstorm Insurance Association may find new allies

Windstorm Insurance
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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association attracting global attention The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, a state-run insurance group that provide coverage for wind damage primarily to properties in coastal areas of the state, has been experiencing financial troubles recently. Financial challenges are nothing new to state-run insurance groups, as many of them offer coverage that is much more affordable than that offered by private insurance companies. Texas Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman, who is in charge of the state-run insurance group, has been traveling around the world in order to address the issues…

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Insurance industry warning released by Lloyd’s of London

International Insurance Industry

The oldest market of insurers in the world has issued a caution to the globe. Lloyd’s of London, the oldest coverage market worldwide, has issued a warning to the insurance industry, cautioning it that if a natural disaster should strike in emerging economies, the cost of rebuilding could be enormous. It has included over a dozen emerging economies in its warning against tremendous rebuilding bills. In fact, it pointed out that there is currently a global insurance industry deficit worth £104 million ($168 million), and that this is now affecting…

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Insurance news from Lloyds shows that mis-sold loan policies will cost $1.6 billion more

Financial Lyme Disease Insurance News

The scandal will now have cost the company approximately £5.3 billion. Lloyds Banking Group has just released their latest insurance news statement regarding the mis-sold loan policy compensation, which now involves an additional $1.6 billion (£1 billion), bringing the total amount of these payouts up to £5.3 billion, which has yanked its numbers downwards to result in a third quarter loss. However, the largest retail bank in the U.K. is still optimistic and is encouraging customers to remain that way. Lloyds has released a positive message regarding the decreasing losses…

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Thai floods: One year later

Thailand Floods 2011

Lloyd’s of London analysts examine impact of Thai floods Just over a year ago, severe flooding in Thailand caused by a powerful and unforgiving monsoon season caused havoc in Bangkok and other cities throughout the country. Analysts from Lloyd’s of London have come together to examine the effects that the Thai floods had on the insurance industry and the country. The floods produced some $45.7 billion in damages, $12 billion of which was shouldered by insurance and reinsurance companies that operate in the country. Lloyd’s of London itself accounted for…

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Lloyd’s of London advises higher insurance rates

International Insurance fund news

Lloyd’s of London responds to troubling signs in insurance industry Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s largest insurance organizations, has been seeing troubling signs in the casualty and aviation sectors. The insurer, which provides coverage for just about everything, believes that premiums in these sectors are too low for insurance companies to be considered stable. Lloyd’s CEO Richard Ward recently appeared on Bloomberg Television, wherein he spoke about the premium problems and how they can be solved through the increase of insurance rates. Insurer advises higher rates for companies…

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Insurance news is good for Lloyd’s of London

insurance industry report

The market will now be returning to profit once more. Lloyds of London has released their most recent insurance news, and it sounds very positive after experiencing no major natural disasters in the first half of the year, allowing the market to return to half-year profitability. The pre-tax profit that the insurance market has estimated for the first half of 2012 is £1.53 billion. When compared to the first half of 2011, in which the claims from the March tsunami in Japan were coming in, Lloyd’s of London had experienced…

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Business insurance claim regarding Michael Jackson’s cancelled concerts dropped

Micheal Jackson Business insurance claim over cancelled concert

The concert promoter has dropped the claim over the unfinished comeback performances. Following the death of Michael Jackson in June 2009, AEG Live, the King of Pop’s concert promoter filed a $17.5 million business insurance claim due to the cancelled performances on the comeback tour, but this filing has now been dropped. The claim had been made against Lloyds of London for the losses it faced that year. The insurer had been refusing to pay the claim because it stated that AEG had been making false claims about the health…

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