Insurance news of Japan’s premiums totals is surprising

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Recent estimates show that 18 percent of the worldwide total for life coverage is from Japanese policyholders. The latest insurance news releases in Japan are estimating that the average life insurance premiums are approximately $5,300 (454,300 yen) per year. This is far higher than the global average for the same type of coverage. In fact, this insurance news indicates that Japanese life policyholders pay approximately 18 percent of the global total in premiums, even though the country represents only 2 percent of the worldwide population. The per capita spending, according…

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How much life insurance do you need?

The best way to protect your family before you pass away is to have a life insurance policy. Upon the event of your death, your beneficiaries will receive the money tax-free.  Since your debts and income change frequently, you can estimate how much life insurance you need through some calculations. Here is important information to think about when figuring how much to cover.  In the event of your passing your family will be responsible for the debt that is left behind.  It is important to have enough coverage so your…

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