Now Is the Time to Think About Life Insurance: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Policy

life insurance
37 Best Term Life Insurance Compani...

Securing a life insurance policy is something we should all consider, regardless of age, in order to protect our loved ones. But, most people don’t know where to start, and failing to get the right type of coverage can have disastrous consequences. Asking the right questions before you choose a life insurance policy can help you choose the right level of coverage, as well as the right type of insurance policy. Should I Buy Term or Whole Life Insurance? Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific time frame, which…

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Thinking of Lying on Your Life Insurance Policy? Don’t

Life Insurance Process

Honesty really is the best policy if you want to live a great life as well as a great life insurance plan. It is also important to be honest when it comes to life insurance. Because if you don’t, you could potentially hurt your beneficiaries. Read on to learn what is important when it comes to life insurance. First off, let’s explain what life insurance can do for you. Life insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers people you designate as beneficiaries money if you were to pass…

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Can You Get Life Insurance If You Are Over 50?

Life Insurance Over Age 50

Fifty years old seems like an old age – unless you plan on living past 100, it means that your life is more than half over – but people over 50 do a lot more than they used to. Think about how old your grandparents looked in their 50s and 60s and beyond as opposed to grandparents of today. Actress Jane Fonda is 75 years old and looks 20 years older. Golfer Gary Player is 77, in terrific shape, and recently  even posed in the buff for ESPN the Magazine.…

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Life insurance companies actively seeking out beneficiaries

Life Insurance

The industry is recommending that policyholders take actions to help to make sure death benefits are received. The life insurance industry has been facing some hurdles across many states as many companies have not made extensive efforts to locate the beneficiaries of policies belonging to individuals who have died. Insurers are now making a number of changes as states alter their requirements to find beneficiaries. However, the industry is also recommending that policyholders take a few extra steps to help to make sure that the money that they are paying…

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Life insurance should be purchased early for best results

Life Insurance buying tips

Financial advisors are failing to get the message across to their younger clients. Recent statistics regarding the way that financial advisers are recommending life insurance products have shown that there are two primary common actions that are leaving their clients without the coverage from which they could greatly benefit. The most common of these habits is not to recommend the policies at all. Although life insurance has decreased in its popularity over the last two decades, this does not remove the fact that many people – particularly those with families…

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Life insurance savings can be achieved through weight loss

Health Insurance Report on obesity

Premiums drop among policyholders with a healthy, maintained BMI. As weight plays an important role in an individual’s health, it is taken into consideration by the majority of life insurance companies and therefore becomes a factor that policyholders can often control to help to keep their premiums to a minimum. Many insurers consider weight to be an important factor to be calculated into their rates. If an individual is overweight or obese, life insurance carriers will frequently charge what is known as a “loading”, which is an amount above and…

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Are you making one of the most common life insurance policy mistakes?

Life insurance, and the decision to buy it, is among the most critical financial decisions that an individual will make in his or her lifetime. That said, most people will purchase a policy without fully understanding all of its various features, meaning that the majority of policyholders are not taking advantage of everything that their products have to offer. Experts in the life insurance industry have compiled a list of the most frequently overlooked life insurance features. The following are some of the points that made the list: • Premium…

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