Life insurance lacking among middle aged Americans

Life Insurance Payment

Recent research has shown that the struggling economy is holding many back from coverage. According to a recent study, millions of middle aged Americans are choosing not to obtain life insurance as a result of the shaky economy in the country that is creating a lack of stability in their own personal financial situations. Research has indicated that the average American’s savings is sitting at a mere $3,000. Beyond the lack of savings, the economic uncertainty has indicated that an even larger number of people are finding themselves in a…

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Life insurance study shows satisfied claimants

life insurance customer satisfaction

The results of a recent study have revealed that 95 percent of the people who have made claims are satisfied. According to the outcome of a recent LIMRA survey, additional services offered by life insurance companies, such as coverage coordination and grief counseling are generating a larger amount of business, boosting recommendations, and are enhancing the positive perception of claimants. The study showed that among the beneficiaries of the policies, the vast majority are quite satisfied with the experience. The LIMRA research indicated that 95 percent of life insurance beneficiaries…

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Mortality protection gap for life insurance in Australia nears $1 trillion

According to Swiss Reinsurance Co., the life insurance mortality protection gap in Australia has reached almost $1 trillion. Since 2000, estimates from Swiss Re. about the gap – that is, the size of the needed protection that is not protected by funding from savings or insurance – has risen by $432 billion to reach $972 billion. These figures were the outcomes of a survey conducted with 1000 participants who are working individuals between the ages of 20 and 40 in Melbourne and Sydney. According to the head of the life…

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Survey shows financial plans should include insurance

According to a Saybrus Partners survey, just under half of the American adults who have received professional financial advising and who have a financial plan have ever addressed the issue of including life insurance as a part of their portfolio. Saybrus Partners is a Hartford, Connecticut-based life insurance partnership company. Among the survey participants who said that they had talked with their financial advisors about life insurance, 15 percent said that the discussion was held over a decade ago. An additional 40 percent had talked about it within the last…

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