Life insurance case won by Frankie Valli

Frankie Vallie Life Insurance Wowes

A California court overturned a previous decision that the celebrity’s ex-wife would be able to claim the policy. Frankie Valli, celebrity and music legend, has been undergoing an extremely complex and messy divorce, which has involved a considerable case regarding whether or not his ex-wife would be able to claim his life insurance policy. This case looked into a common and very murky part of divorce law in California and how it involves policies. Although it had previously been decided that Randy Valli would be able to receive the full…

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Teachers in Florida offered free life insurance

Life insurance

Unusual offer could give teachers in Florida insurance protection Thousands of teachers in Pasco County, Florida, recently received an offer that may be too good to be true. The teachers were offered a chance to receive life insurance for free with policies being paid for by the Pollock Financial Group. The group has offered to match teachers with wealthy investors that are looking for lucrative ways to invest their funds. For many teachers, the offer seems to be too altruistic, and this has raised concerns among Florida’s insurance regulators as…

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Life insurance companies do not prefer e-cigarettes

electronic e-cigarette life insurance

The tobacco free options may seem to be healthier but insurers are not seeing them that way. While electronic cigarettes may be designed to mirror the smoking experience while removing the carbon monoxide, tar, and other chemicals and toxins that make tobacco one of the top cancer causers, life insurance companies continue to consider their users in the same way that they would a smoker of a traditional cigarette. Many smokers have been trying to use e-cigarettes to break their nicotine addictions. Quitting smoking is not an easy feat. Life…

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Zombie insurance regulators attack the “walking dead”

Zombie insurance news

Just as the popular AMC television series closes its fourth season, its coverage equivalent is now under attack. Zombie insurance has been making headlines, not because it has any relation to the popular post-apocalyptic horror drama from AMC, or the “walking dead” that has given the show its name. Instead, it is central to insurance news as consumers and regulators combat pricing discrepancies. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has indicated that while new customers are being offered better deals, loyal policyholders who have been paying premiums…

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Life insurance companies discriminate against marijuana users

medical marijuana insurance

A newly published report suggests that insurers require these consumers to pay more for policies. A website that provides consumers with life insurance quotes has now released a new report that suggests that people who use marijuana will usually have to pay more for their policies than people who do not. The report is drawing industry attention from both insurers, agents, and consumers alike. This recent news was published under the title “Marijuana Users Discriminated Against by Life Insurance Companies.” It was released on the LifeAnt website and explained that…

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Life insurance mystery develops with record breaking policy

mystery billionaire life insurance

An unknown billionaire has now purchased the most expensive coverage on record. A billionaire from Silicon Valley whose name has not been released has now set a new level in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most valuable life insurance policy that has ever been purchased. The coverage is for $201 million and it is being provided by 19 different insurers for massive premiums. This life insurance policy will require the mystery billionaire to have to pay millions of dollars in premiums every year. The policy itself was…

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Utah life insurance scam involved a man murdering his wife

Life Insurance Payment

Conrad Truman has been accused of killing his wife in order to receive her benefits payouts. A man has been charged with a vicious form of Utah life insurance fraud that involved murdering his wife in order to be able to collect on her policy benefits of over $800,000. The man cried over her body in the hospital but was then said to be acting strangely and obstructed justice. After Conrad Truman killed his wife for her Utah life insurance, Heidy, a victim advocate reported that his behavior, attitude, and…

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