Life insurance companies are the focus of a new law in Montana

Life Insurance News

A new bill has just been signed by the state governor that requires firms to search for beneficiaries. Governor Steve Bullock has just signed a new Montana bill that will require that life insurance companies always search for policy beneficiaries when the policyholder has died. This is the case even when there have not been any claims submitted following the policyholder’s death. The bill was created as a response to a number of settlement agreements that have been made across the country in which life insurance companies had been charged…

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Life insurance company pursued by New Mexico officials

Insurance industry News

The insurer is currently at risk of being shut down if it doesn’t make its payments. Officials in New Mexico are currently working to collect over $100,000 from a life insurance company that has previously stated that it will not make payments to two deceased state employees who had been paying for this coverage. The insurer, which is based in Oregon, has stated that a lack of medical history form prevents the payment. According to Ed Burckle, the General Services Department Secretary, the reason that the life insurance company will…

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Life insurance maintains its importance in families with dependents

Life Insurance buying tips

The protection provided by this coverage is still an important element of financial planning. Despite the changes in the life insurance industry and the economy that continues to struggle, the coverage is maintaining its value for families that depend on the income of the policyholder. These policies provide families with a way to replace income that suddenly ceases if the earner should die. In order to take full advantage of life insurance, families should discuss the topic and make certain that they choose the form of the coverage that is…

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New York insurance companies to pay customers $262 million following investigation

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Insurance News

An investigation into New York insurance companies resulted in $262 million in payments. State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that several New York insurance companies selling life insurance products will be required to pay out $262 in unpaid benefits following a probe into the practices of firms across the state. What the investigation determined was that these life insurers were required to make $262.2 million in payments for 32,715 beneficiaries who were unaware that their deceased loved ones had policies for which a claim could be made. The New York…

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New York regulators launch investigation into the state’s life insurance industry

The New York Department of Financial Services has begun an investigation into the state’s life insurance industry. The investigation seeks to account for the $52.6 million in unpaid benefits that has been missing for the past several months. The money has yet to reach the 8,000 beneficiaries to which it is owed. Shortly after the investigation was announced on Monday, the money quickly made its way to beneficiaries, which has sparked concerned amongst the state’s insurance regulators. In accordance with the investigation, the state’s life insurance companies are required to…

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