Auto insurance details often leave consumers wondering

Auto Insurance

Policyholders aren’t certain whether certain specific incidents are covered. Though most policyholders have a good grasp on the basics of what their auto insurance provides, many still feel left in the dark in terms of certain specific circumstances such as whether or not they have coverage for a bad tank of gas that requires the car to be towed so that a mechanic can drain the tank and lines and replace the fuel. The answer isn’t as simple as some policyholders would like as it does depend on the policy.…

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Online Auto Insurance gauges the impact of increased auto insurance limit on Texans has performed an analysis based on the proposed increase in the minimum limit on auto insurance in Texas, and has found that the actual rise that will be seen by the average policyholder will be relatively low, at approximately 6 percent more than what is currently being paid. The site conducted their analysis on 144 different quotes and has discovered that though many people were opposed to the increases in the auto insurance minimums in the state in 2011 because of concerns about cost, the actual increase in expense…

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Auto Insurance in California – What you need to know

California auto insurance

California has stringent requirements when it comes to car insurance. As of 2006, drivers must provide proof of financial ability to cover the expenses related to a motor vehicle accident. Any uninsured vehicle will be impounded immediately and in addition to the expenses related to impounding the car, the driver will receive a large fine. Drivers are also financially liable for any accident in which they are involved. Providing proof of financial ability can take one of several forms in California. Drivers can provide the state of California with a…

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