Cyber liability insurance gains popularity outside of corporations

cyber insurance industry

Other types of organizations, including school boards, are now investing in the coverage. Following the latest tremendous data breach – the one that struck Target and that gave hackers access to the consumer debit and credit card account information from about 40 million people – a growing range of types of organizations are looking into cyber liability insurance and the type of coverage that it can provide them. Ann Arbor Public Schools is the latest to join this flood of non-retail groups that are covering themselves. While Target fights to…

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Liability insurance news from exploded Texas fertilizer plant reveals tiny coverage

liability insurance damaged building

The company has a $1 million policy, which is an amount that would cover only a fraction of the damage. It has just been revealed that the fertilizer plant from West, Texas, which exploded in April, holds a liability insurance policy of only $1 million, which would provide coverage for only a tiny fragment of the estimated cost that was generated by the blast. Lawyers have guessed that the amount of the policy is small enough to be considered nearly negligible. One of the attorneys, John McCoy, who represents the…

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Understanding different types of insurance and their need in emergency

Different types of Insurance

Insurance is a vital constituent of financial safety for any person. As time goes by, individuals start thinking about different ways that they may employ to save their hard earned cash – insurance policies being the most common among them. Insurance provides several benefits, based on the type that is purchased. Life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and homeowners insurance are some of the common varieties of insurance policies. Insurance certainly serves different purposes and offers benefits for individuals as well as businesses. While a lot of people buy insurance…

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Florida passes new PIP reform bill that will is expected to reduce auto insurance fraud in the state

Florida Governor Rick Scott is claiming a major victory on behalf of the state’s citizens this week. The state Senate has passed legislation that will reform the state’s troublesome personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance system. The system has been wrought with fraud for several years, becoming much worse over the past two. Legislators supporting reform claim that this fraud was causing auto insurers to raise rates on coverage at alarming speed. The new legislation seeks to remedy the problem. The legislation that was passed by the Senate is House…

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Florida lawmakers attempting to compromise over reforms to PIP

The Florida legislature is facing a debate over to strikingly different proposals that have been made to reform the no-fault auto insurance system in the state – also known as personal injury protection (PIP) – but the top lawmakers are hoping that it will be possible to reach a compromise. One of the primary issues of this legislative session – the extensive auto insurance fraud experienced in the state – was temporarily derailed by massage therapists who had been lobbying the topic. On Tuesday, the Senate Budget Committee held off…

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Florida legislators come face to face with staged accidents

Florida continues to lead the U.S. in auto insurance fraud, a fact that state lawmakers have been working to change. Staged auto accidents are presenting the state, and its insurance industry, with significant problems. Those abusing the state’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system, which provides drivers with no-fault auto insurance policies, cause insurers to raise rates on coverage in an effort to recovery from losses. Thus far, Florida legislators have been divided on how to solve the problem. That is until they were shown how easy it was for drivers…

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Florida pushes ahead with reforms to personal injury protection insurance laws

The Florida Legislature is moving ahead with plans to reform the state’s mandatory personal injury protection (PIP) insurance rules. Florida lawmakers and insurance companies have been battling a rampant outbreak of fraud throughout the state. Insurers claim that the fraud stems from the state’s regulations which require all drivers to have PIP coverage. The coverage is comprised of no-fault policies, which require insurers to pay claims whether a policyholder is at fault in an accident or not. This week, the Civil Justice Subcommittee approved HB 119, the bill that will…

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