Insurance companies are seeing rising claims following a rough winter

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

Insurers throughout the northeast are stating that they have a greater loss-report volume. From start to finish, this past winter was a treacherous and highly damaging one in the northeastern United States, and now that it has finally come to a close, insurance companies are starting to see another increase in claims from homeowners who are experiencing a new wave of discovered damages. As the snow and ice melt away, they are revealing the true extent of the destruction that they’ve left behind. So far, claims to insurance companies have…

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Homeowners insurance customers in Quebec lack an understanding of their coverage

Quebec homeowners insurance

This virtually universal problem was just demonstrated in a survey specific to that Canadian province. The results of a survey conducted by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has shown that a strikingly large number of homeowners insurance policyholders in the province of Quebec do not have a solid understanding of the ways in which their homes and properties are protected. About half of the people surveyed erroneously felt that they had coverage against an overflowing body of water. As one in every two people in Quebec feel that their…

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