Belviq and Cancer: Can You Sue?

Belviq information

The diet drug Belviq was pulled from the shelves in early 2020 because of a new study showing multiple cancer risks. Read on to find out if you may be eligible for legal recourse after developing cancer following a Belviq regimen. What is Belviq? Belviq, also known as lorcaserin and which additionally comes in an extended-release form, was produced by the company Eisai Incorporated. Belviq is a drug prescribed for weight loss, and functions as an appetite suppressant by activating a particular serotonin receptor found in the brain’s hypothalamus. After…

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Judge rules FBI immune from case involving damaged $750,000 Ferrari

U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn has ruled that a lawsuit against the government of the United States be dismissed, citing a federal law which provides immunity to the FBI when the property in question is being held by law enforcement. The property in question for this case is a destroyed Ferrari worth $750,000 which had been driven by an FBI agent. The rare vehicle was a 1995 F50 sports car. Judge Cohn did say that the situation was “certainly unfortunate” but also explained that a lawsuit against the government cannot…

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Goldman Sachs sued by Liberty Mutual regarding losses from Freddie Mac investments

Investment banker Goldman Sachs & Co. was the target of a lawsuit by Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. and a number of its subsidiaries, for “making materially misleading statements and omissions” in November 2007, for Freddie Mac preferred stock offerings.  According to the lawsuit which was filed at a Massachusetts U. S. District Court, Liberty Mutual and its subsidiaries – Employers of Wausau, Safeco, Liberty Life, and Peerless – had made investments of $37.5 million within the Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp) Series Z offering, which was made up…

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