Insurance news from European Union includes plan for nuclear disaster

Nuclear Plant Insurance news

The EU Commission’s energy head is looking for a design for coverage in case of plant problems. Guenther Oettinger, the energy chief for the European Commission, has said that the executive arm of the bloc will soon be presenting a proposal that will make insurance news, as it will involve mandatory disaster coverage for nuclear power plants. This proposal is expected to be presented within the next few weeks for the EU’s consideration. Oettinger made further insurance news when he announced that this proposal should be among the leading items…

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Insurance news focus is back on Tom Hanks as his broker receives 27 months

Insurance news Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

After having scammed the Oscar winning actor and others, Jerry Goldman has now been sentenced. The insurance news spotlight is on Southern California, at the moment, as a broker from that region who scammed Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, by hundreds of thousands of dollars is now facing a jail sentence of 27 months within a federal prison. This sentence was first issued to Goldman on Monday, when he found that he will be in jail for more than two years. Beyond the 27 month jail sentence making…

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Insurance news shows the mis-selling complaints in the U.K. continue

UK cyber Insurance industry News united kingdom

A recent report issued by the watchdog organization has revealed that banks will need to provide more in payouts. The Financial Ombudsman Service in the United Kingdom has now stated that the number of complaints that it has received with regards to the insurance news of the mis-selling scandal in the country have skyrocketed within the six months that ended in September. This has increased the odds that banks will be required to pay a higher amount for compensations. The Financial Ombudsman Service is the official watchdog that steps in…

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Insurance news study shows artists twice as unlikely to have health coverage

health insurance news

The research determined that the primary cause of the uninsured status is the cost of a plan. According to the results of a study that are making insurance news headlines after having been released by the Future of Music Coalition and the Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center, twice as many artists such as actors, musicians, dancers, and others are likely to be uninsured as the general population. These creative individuals are among the demographics least likely to have health plans. The research making this insurance news involved a survey of…

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Insurance news from Michael Jackson case could change industry

Michael Jackson insurance news

Many feel that this case could alter the way that artists and concerts obtain their coverage. Though not seen as a part of the actual performance, coverage plays an enormous and vital role in making certain that a star will be able to be on stage, and the latest insurance news from Michael Jackson could play a sizeable role in the way that this process occurs from now on. These insurers are responsible for paying for times when the star can’t perform and when concerts are canceled. A jury in…

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