Homeowners insurance rebates available to many in Louisiana

Citizens Insurance Louisiana homeowners insurance property

Citizens rebates are available to many property owners who pay taxes within the state. Officials in Louisiana are reminding property tax payers in the state that they may be able to benefit from a tax rebate which could give back some of what they have been paying into homeowners insurance for Citizens assessments. These payments have been made as a part of the overall property coverage bills and may be claimed. According to the state officials, many people in Louisiana can receive rebates for the assessments that they have been…

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Homeowners insurance policyholders step away from Citizens

Homeowners Insurance

A growing number of customers in Louisiana are seeking coverage elsewhere. According to the homeowners insurance commissioner in Louisiana, there have been 6,877 policies that have now left Citizens and that are now being covered by private insurers. These property owners will benefit from the change because they will likely have lower premiums. Citizens homeowners insurance is currently facing a legal requirement which forces them to have to increase their premiums. By law, that insurer must now charge more. Therefore, the customers that have now moved their policies to private…

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