Insurance news from Kenya reveals importance of coverage for herders

Kenya farmers insurance news

Goat farmers in the African country are finding great benefit in the protection they now have against drought. Kenyan goat herders are now enjoying some very positive insurance news as a drought coverage plan that was developed by professors at Cornell is now starting to prove its worth in protecting them against unpredictable and unavoidable dry weather conditions. For most of the Kenyan farmers who now have the coverage, this is the first time that they have had protection. The last dry season was detrimental to livestock for many Kenyan…

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Insurance industry in Kenya continues to struggle despite income

insurance industry - Kenya struggles

Even though insurers in the African country have been bringing in billions, they are still bleeding money. The Kenyan insurance industry has always faced struggles in selling to the majority of the residents of the country, but despite the fact that it has been bringing in billions, money is still being lost in every direction. The sector continues to have a penetration beneath 4 percent, as has been the case for over 60 years. This has been the case since the first insurer established the insurance industry. That company was…

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