Health insurance changes in Kansas may include more Medicaid

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The Commissioner is hoping to broaden the program, though there will be many challenges ahead. Sandy Praeger, the Commissioner in Kansas, announced this week that she believes that the state should broaden its health insurance availability by taking part in the federal expansion of the eligibility for Medicaid. Praeger said that by failing to expand Medicaid eligibility, the residents of the state will suffer. The Commissioner announced that she feels that residents requiring medical care will be hurt by failing to expand their access to Medicaid health insurance coverage. She…

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Kansas rejects health insurance exchanges, returns money to government

Kansas, on Tuesday, returned a large grant provided by the federal government to help the state establish a health insurance exchange program. The state has long opposed the health care reform instigated by the Obama administration and has taken steps to block the reform’s measures from affecting the insurance industry within Kansas. Several other states have railed against the reform, but Kansas is only the second to return money to the federal government. They money would have funded the majority of the insurance exchange, but now the state will have…

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