Kansas insurance company claim paid out after child knocks over $132,000 statue

Kansas City Insurance - YouTube Screencap of kids before knocking over statue

The child’s parents were required to pay for the broken artwork, but their insurer paid most. The Kansas insurance company has covered the parents of a boy who knocked over a statue worth $132,000. The video of the boy toppling the artwork went viral shortly after the incident happened. The video was used as evidence against the boy and the parents were required to cover the cost of the broken artwork. That said, their Kansas insurance company came through with a payment of $107,000 for the damage caused by the…

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Shawnee County, Kansas, looking to obtain affordable earthquake insurance in wake of recent seismic events

 With some unexpected earthquakes striking the U.S. late last year, some state officials are beginning to take earthquake insurance more seriously. In Shawnee County, Kansas, officials are looking into the benefits of insurance coverage after the county was shaken by several aftershocks stemming from the November earthquake in Oklahoma. Another quake in Topeka, Kansas, furthered concerns as damage was done to some homes and vehicles. County officials have tasked the county’s insurance broker to find affordable coverage that could mitigate further disasters. Recent earthquakes have caused the price of property…

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Two new Kansas car insurance bills become law

Two new bills have been signed into law in Kansas that will make changes to the state’s auto insurance regulations. The first imposes a strict limit of the recovery rights of uninsured motorists. The second prohibits cities from levying charges against drivers and their insurers for any emergency response services required after an accident. The bills were signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback, a supporter who believes they will benefit both insurers and residents. The first law, passed late last week, is referred to as “no pay, no play”…

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