UK auto and homeowners insurance rates to rise due to increased tax

insurance rates rise

20 million consumers to be affected by increase insurance rates As many as 20 million drivers and homeowners in the United Kingdom are expected to see their insurance premiums rise by as much as 10% due to a new tax levied on insurance providers. The tax is part of an overall budget plan introduced by George Osborne. The budget plan introduces a 50% increase on the country’s insurance premium tax, which is applied to all auto insurance policies, as well as property and pet insurance coverage. Budget plan raises the…

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Auto insurance fraud could lead to a spike in premiums in the UK

auto insurance fraud accident

Insurance premiums may rise due to insurance fraud Auto insurance prices in the United Kingdom may be in danger of spiraling out of control, according to AA Insurance. Over the past few years, insurance premiums have been falling for drivers throughout the country, but this may soon change if action is not taken against the growing problem of insurance fraud. AA Insurance suggests that fraud is becoming a very problematic issue in the auto insurance sector, with insurers facing significant financial losses from fraudulent claims. Fraudulent claims are having an…

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