International insurance acquisition made of Ireland’s largest insurer

international insurance deal Ireland and Canada

Irish Life Insurance will be purchased by Great-West Lifeco, an insurer that is headquartered in Canada. Great-West Lifeco, Inc. has just announced its latest international insurance acquisition, with the purchase of the largest insurer in Ireland, Irish Life Group, for a total of $1.75 billion. This deal has now been officially announced after having had to receive official approval. The Government of Ireland had to give its approval of the international insurance deal, as it took on the largest life insurer in Ireland in the summer of 2012, after its…

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Insurance news is good for thousands of customers in Ireland

Insurance News

Sizeable refunds are now being issued for policies that had been mis-sold. Thousands of Irish policyholders are applauding the great insurance news that has just been released, stating that refunds of up to €3,000 each are being issued to compensate for the massive scandal among the major banks. The Central Bank has required them to find out how many payment protection policies had been mis-sold. The scandal was vast enough that the Central Bank also went on to specifically name six of the lending institutions that had taken part in…

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Combined Insurance Co. of America receives $8.7 million fine for regulatory breaches

Non-life insurance company, Combined Insurance Co. of America has received fines totaling $8.7 million in the United Kingdom and Ireland due to a number of regulatory breaches. The insurer sells its products via agents affiliated with the company, and is required to pay a fine of $4.36 million to the Central Bank of Ireland through its Combined Insurance Co. of Europe Ltd. division. Separately, the company received a fine worth $4.34 million from the U.K. Financial Services Authority as a result of a failure to manage its selling processes, as…

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Irish Financial Services Group offers price drop protection product to homeowners

In the hope to help revive the struggling real estate market, Irish Financial Services Group (IFG) is preparing to offer home buyers the opportunity to purchase insurance against a price drop in the future from the price that they have paid. Home prices have continued to fall for 42 consecutive months since the bottom fell out of the property market after years of careless lending. Since the peak in 2007, the prices have fallen by 43 percent. The offer from IFG would allow house sellers to place up to 20…

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