Health insurance market in Ireland may be in trouble

Ireland Health Insurance

Health insurance market shows “death spiral” symptoms The health insurance industry in Ireland is showing some troubling symptoms. Ireland is one of the countries that suffered a powerful blow from the European financial crisis. The crisis causes severe economic damage to the country, which continues to have an impact on various industries therein. The health insurance industry is one of those that have been impacted and some insurers are beginning to claim that the market is showing symptoms that suggest it has entered into a death spiral. Death spiral may…

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Insurance industry in Northern Ireland gets a shot in the arm from US company

Insurance Jobs

The American insurer is pumping 650 new jobs into that sector of the economy. Allstate Corporation, the American insurer, is creating 650 new insurance industry jobs at its Northern Ireland technology division, which is bringing a boost in employment to the region which is sorely needed as it continues to struggle through a deep recession. The insurer has already announced the hiring of 200 staff members in Northern Ireland. Allstate has also projected that it will be adding an additional 450 new hires to the insurance industry in Northern Ireland…

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Families in Ireland may soon have trouble paying for health insurance

The insurance industry in Ireland is facing troubling times, which may translate into higher rates for consumers. The Irish Patients Association has spoken out about the coming health insurance rate increases coming from several insurance companies. The IPA claims that rates are rising so quickly that they may make it impossible for families to hold on to their policies. The consumer advocacy organization says that if the problem is not addressed legislatively, health insurance will become unaffordable within the next few years. This week, Aviva Health Insurance and VHI Healthcare…

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Irish Financial Services Group offers price drop protection product to homeowners

In the hope to help revive the struggling real estate market, Irish Financial Services Group (IFG) is preparing to offer home buyers the opportunity to purchase insurance against a price drop in the future from the price that they have paid. Home prices have continued to fall for 42 consecutive months since the bottom fell out of the property market after years of careless lending. Since the peak in 2007, the prices have fallen by 43 percent. The offer from IFG would allow house sellers to place up to 20…

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