Auto insurance fraud is a costly problem in Ireland

auto insurance fraud

Report highlights the growing costs associated with auto insurance fraud Auto insurance fraud is beginning to weigh on consumers in the United Kingdom. According to the Automobile Association, Ireland is feeling a significant degree of financial pressure caused by fraud. A recent report from the organization shows that, on average, drivers are paying approximately $50 more a year on their coverage, largely due to the fact that insurers are attempting to recover from the financial losses they experience as a result of fraud. Anti-fraud system has not yet been launched…

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Auto insurance premiums on the rise for Irish female drivers

auto Insurance trends

Approximately 200,000 women motorists could face increases of €300. Up to 200,000 female drivers in Ireland have discovered that they could be paying annual auto insurance premiums that are €300 more than the current rates. In fact, these rate hikes have already been set into place by some insurers in the country. Auto insurance companies have already begun the premiums increases for women in anticipation of the new European Union regulations that ban gender discrimination that will officially be implemented in December 2012. The increases are anywhere from 10 percent…

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Northern Ireland auto insurance is more than meets that eye, bad news for motorists

Insurance companies in Northern Ireland have come under fire recently for the rising cost of auto insurance. The insurance companies behind the rising rates are staunch in their claims that higher premiums are the result of the increased number of personal injury claims coming in throughout Northern Ireland. While it is true that the number of personal injuries claims coming from the region is increasing, it is not because of people’s driving habits. According to the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), the real reason insurance rates are rising is because…

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