Oil insurance provided by India to refiners of crude from Iran

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The country will be backing up its own coverage in order to allow refineries to open the doors to Iranian import. India has announced that it will be providing a sovereign guarantee of approximately $158 million (10 billion rupee) in order to back local oil insurance coverage for Indian refineries that are processing Iranian crude. This news was revealed by two government sources, saying that it is hoping to boost imports paid for in local currency. Iran has recently agreed to allow the country to pay for its crude imports…

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Oil insurance limitations reduced Japan’s Iranian crude imports in April

Oi insurancel tanker ship coverage

Compared to a year ago, the shipments have plummeted to a tiny sliver of what they used to be. As oil insurance sanctions from the European Union and the United States against Iranian crude transportation continue to press on, the size of the imports to Japan have shrunken enormously. When compared to what they had been in April 2012, they were 96 percent smaller in April 2013. Year over year, there has been a reduction of 96 percent in the crude imports to Japan from Iran as a direct result…

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Insurance news from India includes possible cessation of Iranian crude imports

oil insurance news Iran imports stopped from india

The South Asian country may soon cut off its imports of Iran oil as coverage is shaky. India is preparing to stop its imports of Iran crude, as the latest insurance news has shown that the refineries that process the oil would not be able to obtain coverage due to the sanctions from the West. This, according to the head of the MRPL refiner, as options for coverage appear to be running out. India is the second biggest buyer of Iranian crude, making this considerable insurance news. Nearly one quarter…

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Major Chinese ship insurance company to cease Iranian oil tanker coverage

Commercial insurance market for oil tankers tightens A major insurer of Chinese ships has announced that, starting in July, it will be stopping its indemnity coverage for tankers that are transporting Iranian oil. This has dealt another blow to the tanker companies that carry oil – the main export of Tehran – from the Iranian capital, and has further narrowed the coverage options available in a market that has already been pinched by payment barriers put in place by sanctions in the West. As the number of Western sanctions increase…

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Price of Iranian oil expected to spike from ship insurance ban in European Union

According to sources in the insurance industry, a ban is widely forecasted to begin on European insurance coverage for exports of oil from Iran beginning on July 1,2012, and is threatening to restrict shipments from that country, causing costs to rise for large purchasers such as South Korea and Japan. The European Union created a partial exemption from its embargo last week for some insurance companies that cover Iranian oil, until July. Next month, the ministers in the EU intend to go over whether or not those exemptions will be…

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