Iranian state-controlled insurance company sees tanking net profits

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The first insurer of its kind in the country experienced substantial losses last year. The first Iranian government-controlled insurance company saw considerable net profit losses next year, when it dropped by 300 percent when compared to its 2021 figures. The insurer was first established in 1935 and has locations around the globe, including the United Kingdom. The insurance company had already been seeing losses in previous years, but last year marked a new level of loss in its profits under the management of political appointees. In 2014, the market share…

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Insurance news from Japan includes a rise in its Iran oil shipping coverage

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The increase in the maximum coverage is expected to be by 4 percent over 2013 through 2014. The latest insurance news out of Japan has been an expectation that the country will be increasing its maximum coverage for Iranian crude oil tankers by 4 percent, year over year. This will bring the maximum available coverage for the transport of the crude to Yen 635.9 billion. That insurance news figure is the equivalent of $7.8 billion under the most recent exchange rates that have been issued for use by the budget…

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International insurance company formed by Iran for oil tanker coverage

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The country has launched the new coverage as its latest step to overcome Western sanctions. The European Union and the United States had placed sanctions against Iranian oil, including bans on coverage of oil tankers carrying crude from the country, but the nation is now expanding the protection that it is offering for these ships through the launch of its own international insurance company. This insurer will be providing coverage for the tankers that transport Iran crude worldwide. Rostam Qassemi, the Iranian Oil Minister, explained that the creation of its…

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Insurance news from Iran shows crude exports rising

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Despite Western sanctions there has been an increase of approximately 70,000 barrels per day (bpd). The October insurance news out of Iran has shown that even though the American and European Union sanctions are still in place against covering oil exports from Iran, their exports still increased by about 70,000 barrels per day, reaching 2.7 million bpd that month. This shows that the Western bans are not having the intended impact on the country. Over the two previous months, the Iranian crude exports spiked to 1.3 million bpd from having…

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