Insurance industry jobs get a trendy makeover to appeal to millennials

best insurance workplace industry jobs

Iowa brokerage Holmes Murphy is taking aim at old stereotypes of dullness and daily tedium. The vice president of Iowa brokerage Holmes Murphy, Cameron Burt, is more than familiar with the reputation of dullness that is associated with insurance industry jobs, but at a time when it is becoming difficult to fill these positions, his firm is seeking to show the millennial generation that times have changed. The image of an insurance job doesn’t seem to have changed for two solid generations, losing all appeal. However, Burt and his firm…

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Iowa public universities owe millions to insurance company

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The post secondary institutions have refused to pay for a health plan subsidy program but they still owe the money. Public universities in Iowa have been standing their ground and refusing to pay an insurance company millions of dollars in fees which would cover a program meant to provide residents with medical risks with a subsidy for their health plans. The universities had been billed for the fees but until now have refused to fork over the money for it. That said, the Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled that the…

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Insurance news in Iowa reveals struggles as state takes over co-op

Iowa stopgap health insurance plan

CoOportunity Health was established under the Affordable Care Act, but it has found itself in financial calamity. A young health insurer in Iowa, CoOportunity Health, which was established under the Affordable Care Act, is now making insurance news as it has been taken over by the state due to considerable financial struggles. The health insurance division of the state has now had to step in as a result of the co-op’s money woes. The insurance news had originally appeared promising for CoOportunity Health, as it had been established as an…

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Insurance marketing warning issued by state of Iowa

Insurance News about Marketing

An official agency has now released a statement cautioning consumers of potentially deceptive ads. The Iowa Insurance Division has now released a warning to the residents of the state, cautioning them that certain insurance marketing and ads for annuities may have potentially deceptive messages. The agency has been watching a growing number of marketers that work with the industry using misleading ads. The insurance marketing strategies used by those firms are becoming misleading on an increasing basis, said the agency in a bulletin, in the attempt to try to boost…

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Ride sharing service in Iowa comes with potential insurance problems

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Commissioner Nick Gerhart has cautioned drivers that signing up for these programs could negate their coverage. The Iowa insurance commissioner, Nick Gerhart, has released a statement of caution to drivers in the state who are considering participating in ride sharing services, such as Uber, as signing up to give people drives under this type of program could nullify their auto policies. While the Uber service has not yet made its way into Des Moines, the company has been looking at the city. That said, the commissioner spoke in advance of…

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