Iowa insurance commissioner cautions against cryptocurrency investments

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Bitcoin and other cryptos have seen hot headlines but many think they’re in a bubble that will burst. Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen issued a consumer bulletin warning state residents against investing into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin unless they understand the risks. The insurance commissioner pointed out that there is a meaningful difference between IPOs and ICOs. According to the Iowa insurance commissioner, people need to know the risks associated with investments into cryptocurrencies before putting money into them. This is a very new market and concept. They are not…

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Iowa Insurance Commissioner Gerhart to step down before the end of the year

Iowa Insurance Commissioner Gerhart , Nick

The governor’s office has announced that the commissioner will be leaving his post as of December 23, 2016. The Iowa Governor’s Office has announced that Insurance Commissioner Gerhart has resigned. It stated that the resignation of Nick Gerhart will become effective as of December 21, 2016. The outspoken commissioner said in an interview this week that he had opted not to pursue another term. Commissioner Nick Gerhart has held the position in Iowa since February 1, 2013. Insurance Commissioner Gerhart’s wife, Jessica, is expecting their first child, who is due…

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Ride sharing service in Iowa comes with potential insurance problems

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Commissioner Nick Gerhart has cautioned drivers that signing up for these programs could negate their coverage. The Iowa insurance commissioner, Nick Gerhart, has released a statement of caution to drivers in the state who are considering participating in ride sharing services, such as Uber, as signing up to give people drives under this type of program could nullify their auto policies. While the Uber service has not yet made its way into Des Moines, the company has been looking at the city. That said, the commissioner spoke in advance of…

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