Consumers may require guidance when it comes to health insurance exchanges

America's health insurance plan

Confusion remains a prevalent problem when it comes to health insurance exchanges The University of Iowa’s Public Policy Center and College of Health have released the results of survey concerning the state’s health insurance exchange. The state’s exchange has become quite popular among consumers looking to find affordable health insurance policies, but the exchange’s website has fallen victim to numerous technical problems that have prevented many from finding the coverage they are interested in. According to the survey, technical problems are only one issue that consumers are facing. Survey shows…

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Health insurance plans will be offered by six insurers in Iowa

Iowa stopgap health insurance plan

Half a dozen providers have already applied to be able to offer their plans on the state’s exchange. Although six health insurance companies have already applied to be able to sell their policies on the Iowa exchange, having made their submissions to do so by the deadline last Sunday. However, the largest insurer in the state was not among those who opted to participate in the marketplace. The largest health insurance company in Iowa, Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, currently has about 2 million policyholders in that state and South Dakota.…

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Health insurance deadline missed by Iowa

flood Insurance payments time

Key date was not met by the state in order to comply with the new federal healthcare law. A key deadline for the states to meet in order to comply with the new federal healthcare laws has come and gone and Iowa’s commissioner has now issued a letter explaining that they will not be able to meet this health insurance exchange planning date. Governor Terry Branstad’s insurance commissioner has confirmed the deadline has been missed. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gave the states until September 30 in order…

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Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield not entirely sold on insurance exchange

The largest insurance provider in Iowa, Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, is still debating whether or not it wishes to take part in the insurance exchange in the state. If this insurer does not take part, it could be destructive to the entire insurance exchange initiative. The state insurance exchanges are considered to be a key component of the healthcare reform program for the entire country. Supporters of the exchanges are saying that the systems and services they will establish will assist millions of small businesses, families, and individuals to better…

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