The Importance of Terrorism Coverage in Your Travel Insurance Policies

Travel Insurance

 A look into travel insurance… A note on terrorism, before we go deeper into the subject. Global terrorism is clearly a real threat, as the events (and indeed some of the wars) of the last 14 years have illustrated. It is also true that specific countries or parts of the world have, at different times, had or still have a problem with terrorists endemic to their own shores. Sri Lanka, for instance, experienced sporadic bombings and terrorist attacks during the long years of the war between the Tamils and the…

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One of the most unusual and high risk travel insurance policies written

When a young, 25 year old English woman started making plans to travel around the world, she went to Lloyd’s (of London) for her insurance policy. Lloyd’s was established in 1774, and has insured thousands of people; writing some very unusual and notable policies. However, Sarah Outen was one of the most difficult individual policies they had taken to task in more than twenty five years. Lloyd’s has insured some very famous people, and their body parts. For example, Bruce Springsteen and Celine Dion have insured their vocal cords, Tina…

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Why travel insurance claims are being denied

Travelers are often susceptible to a lack of information. Whether they are traveling for vacation or business, they may not have access to news outlets or other such resources that can be used to keep them informed of current events. In these cases, travelers often find out too late that their travel insurance policies do not cover every situation they might find themselves in. After the earthquake that rattled Japan and caused damage to several nuclear reactors on March 11, many insurers are now weighing whether the threat of radiation…

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