Japanese pet insurance market takes off due to high vet costs

Japanese Pet Insurance - Man with Cat in Japan

Veterinary bills are on the rise in Japan, sending dog and cat owners to buy policies to help cover expenses. Considerable advances in veterinary care have helped dogs and cats to live longer, boosting the Japanese pet insurance market well beyond where it was only a handful of years ago. Longer lives and improved veterinary care has sent the price of pet health care skyward. Since veterinary care now comes with a higher expense, Japanese pet insurance policies have taken off. The reason is that dog and cat owners are…

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Pets Best Insurance approved coverage for several international claims

Pets Best Insurance, an insurer for dogs and cats, has recently paid for a number of international claims, which has permitted their policyholders to sleep easy in the knowledge that their beloved companion animals still qualify for their coverage when they are traveling outside of their country of residence. This includes Pets Best Insurance among only a small number of pet insurers who will offer this international protection to pet owners. The primary regulation regarding this coverage is that the policyholders must reside within the United States in order to…

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