Travel insurance coverage is being purchased for very specific reasons

Travel insurance Young Man Luggage Staning In Front Of Air Plane

Among the drivers that cause travelers to buy a policy, worries over hurricanes top the list. The results of a recent travel insurance survey have shown that there are some very specific reasons that consumers are purchasing this coverage, among which, hurricanes have been generated the largest amount of worry. The findings revealed that unexpected weather is enough to cause travelers to want to insure themselves. The research was conducted by a comparison website called InsureMyTrip. It determined that severe weather is making people the most worried about their vacation…

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The role of travel insurance in the hurricane season

As Hurricane Irene makes its way nearer to the American mainland over the Caribbean islands, travel agents are taking this time to inform their customers about the importance of travel insurance for hurricanes, while answering questions and selling the policies. In order to make sure that their customers are covered for a weather event, travel agents need to make sure that the insurance was purchased a minimum of one day before the U.S. National Weather service has spotted and given a name to the tropical storm or hurricane. This will…

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