Most expensive auto insurance sold in Michigan and Louisiana

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While Michigan’s rank at the top hasn’t changed, Louisiana has climbed back up after having fallen. Expensive auto insurance has become a way of life in certain states, and for Michigan drivers that way of life is more costly than any other state. Similarly, Louisiana, which had been dropping in the ranks among the most costly to purchase coverage, is back in second place. There are many reasons that contributed to a state-wide trend of higher insurance rates than the rest of the country. In Michigan’s case, the reason remains…

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Survey highlights confusion consumers have regarding auto and health insurance

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Survey shows that half of its respondents are confused about insurance issues has released the results of its latest survey focused on the insurance sector. The survey collected information from some 2,000 adults and aims to shed light on the confusion that some people have regarding their insurance coverage. The survey asked respondents 10 true or false questions. The correct answers to all of these questions was false, but more than half of the survey’s respondents expressed confusion about the insurance issues highlighted in the survey. 52% of respondents…

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Auto insurance savings can be decided by your choice of 2014 vehicle

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The cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks that can lead to the cheapest policies have now been revealed. While everybody wants to drive a fantastic car with the greatest, flashiest, and most useful features and options, it cannot be forgotten that the choice of make and model will have a considerable impact on the auto insurance premiums that will be paid to cover it. Approximately 30 percent of all policyholders will comparison shop to try to discover cheaper premiums. This figure was according to the data from TransUnion’s insurance business department.…

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Louisiana home to most expensive auto insurance coverage in the US

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Survey shows Louisiana leads in terms of auto insurance costs, an online insurance marketplace, has released its latest annual survey concerning the average cost of auto insurance throughout the U.S. The survey highlights the cost of auto insurance rates in all states, showing how much consumers can expect to pay to cover their vehicles. This year, the survey shows that Louisiana is at the top of the list of states where auto insurance coverage is most expensive. Maine is the state with the lowest average auto insurance coverage rates.…

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Car insurance rates vary wildly from state to state. This is often due to differing regulations throughout the U.S. It is also because driving in some states is more dangerous than driving in others., an online insurance quote system, has conducted a survey to determine where auto insurance is most expensive in the country. The survey has ranked each state in terms of insurance premiums and the availability of affordable plans, using 900 insurance models as a benchmark. The survey found that Louisiana, Oklahoma and Michigan are the leaders…

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