Traffic violations lead to higher auto insurance premiums

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In some states, premiums grow by a significant margin when drivers are hit with traffic violations Moving violations often lead to increase auto insurance premiums, but in some states, the increase is astronomical. A new report from highlights the dramatic increase of auto insurance premiums in some states for those that receive driving under the influence (DUI) charges. On average, consumers can expect to pay 92% more for their coverage when they receive a DUI charge, which is the national basis. In some states, however, costs can shoot up…

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Auto insurance rates are high in Detroit

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Detroit is home to some of the highest car insurance rates in the country Owning a vehicle in Detroit, Michigan, is quite expensive, according to a new study from The study highlights the cost of auto insurance coverage throughout the U.S., taking note of where insurance rates are highest. Notably, Detroit is home to some of the highest insurance premiums in the U.S. The city’s rates are even higher than those found in New York City, where auto insurance has long been plagued by fraud and other issues. Rates…

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Those with bad credit pay more for homeowners insurance

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Study highlights the financial disparity between those with poor credit and those with good credit A new study from shows that credit score is having a major impact on the out-of-pockets costs of homeowners insurance in Alabama. Credit is one of the foundational tools that the insurance industry uses to assess risks in any given market. Credit is a gauge of financial risk, allowing the financial service industry to properly assess liability in any given scenario. Poor credit represents a significant risk, which is why those with a low…

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Teens may be driving up auto insurance rates

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Rates for teen drivers are on the rise in Utah and other states Teen drivers may be pushing auto insurance costs higher in Utah and other states. A new survey from shows that the average premium for auto coverage has increased by 89% throughout the state. Utah is now home to the 15th highest auto insurance rates in the country, and teenagers may be responsible for this. Teens have long been a major risk for insurance companies, largely due to conceptions regarding their recklessness and lack of driving experience.…

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Homeowners insurance confusion is common in California

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Confusion concerning homeowners insurance protection is a major problem in California Confusion is a common problem among a large portion of Californians when it comes to the basics of homeowners insurance. A new poll from, an insurance aggregator, shows that many people do not accurately know what their homeowners insurance policies cover. This confusion is not only common in California, of course, and has been documented elsewhere in the U.S. Homeowners insurance confusion was recently highlighted as a major issue that exacerbated the impact of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Homeonwers…

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Recent insurance study reveals who is driving without insurance has released the results of a recent survey they conducted regarding motorists. The company surveyed some 2,366 drivers aged 18 and older from across the nation and found that 16% of them have driven without insurance coverage. Nearly half of those drivers said that they only did so because they were unable to afford insurance coverage, citing the economic hardship as one of the primary factors for them being unable to cope with premiums. An additional .2% of participants admitted to currently having no auto insurance coverage at all.…

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