Chubb launches Millennial-friendly Blink insurance brand

Blink insurance brand - Millennials using computer

The insurer has rolled out this new line of products to appeal to digitally savvy consumers. Chubb has unrolled an entirely new Blink insurance brand which is a line of new coverage products meant to be simplified for consumers comfortable with the digital experience, particularly Millennials. The coverage provided by these products is meant to be flexible and customizable, as well as modular. The Blink insurance brand coverage products are sold via modular insurance policies written in easy to understand, plain English. According to Chubb, the products sold under this…

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AI technology investments increasingly commonplace among large insurance brokers

AI Technology - Insurance Brokers - Commerical Insurance - Tech Image

Big commercial brokers are seeking to stand out from their rivals through high tech enhancements. AI technology has considerable appeal to large commercial insurance brokers. After all, these firms transact with multiple distributors and carriers and want to stand out. The marketplace is competitive and artificial intelligence, among other cutting edge tech, may make a difference. Other areas where brokers are differentiating themselves include workflow tools and analytics. This was among the findings in a new Business and Technology Trends: Large Commercial Brokers report. Novarica issued the report. It offers…

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Insurance industry is being pushed to use the cloud

mobile cloud insurance technology industry

The rapid evolution of technology is pressuring insurers to consider new forms of data storage. Many businesses, including those within the insurance industry, are now finding themselves in a position in which they are being required to make important decisions regarding their current data storage processes, and those that would allow them to remain compliant, requiring them to use the cloud. This is proving to be a challenging and potentially costly switch, and many companies have been resisting. The insurance industry is well aware of the potential benefits of moving…

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Fidelity Investments takes on new financial technology with mobile insurance and deposit features

Fidelity Investments has announced the latest changes to its iPad app, with a new mobile deposit feature that will allow investors to take advantage of the latest financial technology and make individual retirement account deposits that are quick and simple. The apps for Android and iPhone will also have new mobile deposit features added to them. The company justifies the changes with its data that shows that in 2011, it experienced a tripling in its year-over-year mobile usage. This indicates that as there is a greater prevalence of mobile device…

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Insurance agents and carriers bring their mobiles with them everywhere

A study conducted by FirstBest Systems, Inc. has shown that the majority of insurance agents and carriers either want or already use a tablet computer, and that virtually all of them have a minimum of one smartphone, and that they all want to have convenient information access, to be able to be able to perform tasks of a time sensitive nature quickly and easily, and to offer superior service no matter where they are or what time it is. FirstBest performed the Mobile Technology for Insurance Survey while taking part…

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