Machine learning flips understanding of travel industry insurance upside down

Travel Insurance Industry - Machine Learning

Companies are using new technologies to obtain an entirely new comprehension of this sector. The travel insurance industry, like other coverage sectors, is turning to many new forms of cutting edge technology. This tech is helping the industry to obtain a more refined understanding of itself. The more this technology tells insurance companies about their coverage, the more their understanding changes. Machine learning, such as through artificial intelligence (A.I.) is tossing conventional travel insurance industry wisdom out the window. In its place, comes entirely new concepts and understandings. Smarter tech…

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Insurance Technologies LLC receives Most Compelling Case Study Award for the year

Financial services industry sales automation solutions provider, Insurance Technologies LLC, has received the award for the Most Compelling Case Study in 2011, the ACORD Award. The recipient of the award was announced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the ACORD Implementation Forum conference. Insurance Technologies received the award in recognition of the role it has played in standardizing eLabels – that is, tag values and instances – for any document which can be filled throughout a transaction with ACORD. Every year, the member partners of ACORD who have shown innovative development…

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Electric Insurance Company releases new mobile app

The Electric Insurance Company has unveiled their new mobile app called Always On, which will help its customers to gain access to a number of self-service features through the use of their Apple smartphone or tablet device. This app is designed for ease of use and allows policyholders to quickly submit an auto claim, exchange insurance information with another person, check the status of coverage, call for services relating to roadside assistance, schedule an appointment for glass repair, as well as many other features. It also includes a unique feature…

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