Home insurance rates are consuming more of Americans’ incomes

Insurance rates - Eating money

Auto premiums are also eating into a larger portion of the typical US budget as well. Millions of Americans have been shopping around for better auto and home insurance rates as these monthly expenses continue to consume a larger portion of their budgets in an increasingly expensive world. The challenge is to find the coverage they need without having to sacrifice protection from their policies. Though inflation appears to be slowing down in a number of important categories, providing welcome ease to the rising strain on families doing everything they…

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Auto insurance for Range Rovers is nearly impossible to find

range rover auto insurance

In London, drivers of these vehicles must provide proof of secure parking due to a rash of thefts. Owners of Range Rovers in London, England are suddenly finding themselves with a struggle that is greater than trying to pinch their large vehicles along narrow city streets, as auto insurance companies are now refusing to provide coverage for these high end vehicles unless proof can be shown that they will be parked in secure locations. The city has seen a massive number of thefts of these vehicles over the last short…

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Auto insurance available through Walmart in Ohio


The massive retailer has now expanded its online car coverage into the state for the first time. As of this week, the largest retailer in the world has expanded its service for selling auto insurance online into the Ohio, to bring its total number of states where it offers the coverage to eleven. Walmart first launched the service for the first time back in May, and it has been expanding it steadily. The auto insurance program is being run through AutoInsurance.com and it gives consumers the opportunity to conduct a…

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Federal law is affecting how people shop for health insurance

Health Insurance Shopping Trends

Federal law causes major shift in consumer shopping behavior A new report from Vitals Index shows that changes to the U.S. health care system is having a major impact on what people are looking for when it comes to insurance coverage. These changes were brought about by the Affordable Care Act and the federal law has done much to revolutionize the country’s health care and insurance industries. According to Vitals Index, because of the changes that the law has made, people are beginning to consider many different factors when looking…

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Reduce your home and building insurance costs

Building Insurance Costs

When you stop to think about it, if you never paid any insurance of any kind whatsoever, the chances are that you’d gradually come out ahead. The problem, of course, is that this would be reckless and foolish. We all need insurance, whether as a legal requirement or just because it’s a sensible course of action, for different aspects of our lives. And when it comes to the main asset most of us possess, our home, it’s very wise indeed to have good insurance cover for buildings and contents. Nevertheless,…

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