Insurance company settles with elderly man but pays $21,000 in coins

Insurance company payment in coins pennies

Adriana did pay its settlement to the man who had just undergone a hernia operation, but it did so in coins. The Adriana Insurance company settled a lawsuit with one of its customers, Andres Carrasco, but when it came to actually paying the man, the insurer did so with $21,000 sent exclusively in coins. This story of controversial customer service is now making insurance news headlines across the country. The issue between Carrasco and the insurance company began in 2012, when the customer filed a lawsuit against Adriana for what…

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Insurance battle involving Michael Jackson’s family has finally settled

Michael Jackson insurance news

The long running claim has now reached a settlement with Lloyds of London. Michael Jackson’s family has been wrapped up in an insurance battle since 2011, and has now reportedly come to a settlement with Lloyds of London for a figure that was lower than the $17.5 million that was expected from the estate of the King of Pop. Reports of this recent news have started coming in to suggest that the battle has finally come to a close. The insurance case started when Lloyds of London attempted to nullify…

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Insurance news made when a settlement was paid entirely in quarters

Insurance News payment in quarters

A prominent businessman in Illinois disagreed with the payout from his son’s auto policy and retaliated in a unique way. In retaliation for what an Illinois businessman felt was not a fair outcome in an auto payout following the death of his son, he is making insurance news by paying a portion of the final settlement using thousands upon thousands of pounds of quarters. This, according to one of the attorneys who was involved in the auto payout case. The attorney, Douglas Dorris, provided confirmation that when Roger Herrin came…

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Insurance news from California insurer involves massive policy payments

Funeral insurance makes insurance news headlines

A Texas funeral policy company must pay out $25 million to its customers. A recent settlement in California has made insurance news as it has caused an insurer based in Texas to have to issue payments of $25 million in funeral policies to its customers. Officials in California have just reached this agreement with Forethought Group Inc. Forethought Group is a financial planning company and insurer that has been selling end-of-life and retirement planning. It underwent an audit in 2008, which identified an issue with the processes of the company,…

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Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company give homeowners advice for post-Irene home repair

Following the flood, winds, and related damage from Hurricane Irene, Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company has made their suggestions regarding the best ways to ensure that homeowners are protecting themselves against scams from unscrupulous contractors. The suggestions made by the insurer include the following: • Don’t rush when making the choice for the right contractor – take your time and do your homework. • Obtain estimates from a number of contractors who are licensed and bonded. • Verify the contractors claims regarding their credentials through the use of the Better…

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