Insurance news from India includes massive security risk

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Companies are facing backlash from fired employees who took sensitive data with them when they left. A massive struggle in India is making insurance news, as Indian insurers discover that employees whom they fired are using sensitive information that they brought with them in order to create a kind of guerilla backlash. A number of insurers have now alerted the country’s regulator to inform it of this situation. What this insurance news has revealed is that fired workers walked away with the data associated with thousands of policies, and that…

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Insurance industry regulator in Canada loses data of thousands of individuals

insurance industry canada data loss

The information of approximately 52,000 people was lost by the industry body through a portable device. An insurance industry regulator, the Investment Industry Regulation Organization of Canada, has announced that it will be increasing its internal security right away following the loss of the personal data of brokerage firm clients. The regulator issued a warning to the brokers and their clients regarding the loss of the data. What this insurance industry body shared was that one of its personnel had allowed a “portable device” to go missing. That machine contained…

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Insurance news about Nationwide’s management of the security breach is covered up

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The massive insurer’s lawyers are being used to protect the details of the occurrence last October. Nationwide is currently doing its best to try to keep its insurance news as small as possible, regarding the investigations into the security breach that occurred last October, which exposed the information of 1.1 million Americans. The insurer is taking considerable efforts, through the use of a law firm, to protect the secrecy of the issue. Both state and federal investigators are currently looking into this insurance news, in order to better understand precisely…

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