Wells Fargo insurance scheme brings lawsuit from customers

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Borrowers forcibly made to purchase auto coverage they didn’t need are suing the bank for scamming them. Wells Fargo & Co has been accused of running an insurance scheme, as was reported yesterday by Live Insurance News, and now affected customers are filing a lawsuit against the bank. Customers allege the bank forced them to pay for auto insurance they didn’t need and that caused financial hardship. In yesterday’s article, it was pointed out that the insurance scheme caused many customers to face expenses they couldn’t afford. This led several…

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Auto insurance pricing “scheme” warning issued by Consumer Federation

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A leading consumer advocate is cautioning Americans regarding the importance of shopping around. Many American drivers have held a policy with the same auto insurance company for many years and while they know that they would likely be able to save a little bit on premiums by shopping around, they often remain loyal to the same company for one reason or another. The Consumer Federation of America has warned that there is a high price that can come with loyalty. According to the alert that was recently issued by the…

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Insurance fraud activities bring arrest of a Los Angeles man

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The individual’s alleged schemes occurred outside of California and were focused on residents of Louisiana. A man from Los Angeles, California has now been placed under arrest by authorities in New Orleans after having allegedly been taking part in an insurance fraud scheme that involved the sale of fake employer’s liability and workers compensation policies throughout Louisiana. This insurance scam announcement was made by Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. The individual in this insurance fraud case, fifty year old Terry Frances, has now been charged with five separate counts of theft…

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