Insurance rebates are coming to customers in Delaware

Delaware health insurance

More than 5,500 health plan holders in the state can expect to receive their refund in some form. The latest from the health care reform will come in the form of insurance rebates that will apply to more than 5,500 people in Delaware, which means that they will each receive their portion of a total of $734,278. These refunds are required of five insurance companies in the state that failed to comply with a federal benchmark. The goal of that portion of the health care reform was to help to…

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Minnesota health insurance companies issue $8.9 million in rebates

Health Insurance Refund

Consumers to receive $8.9 million in rebates this summer Minnesota health insurance consumers are expected to receive some $8.9 million in rebates this summer, according to state officials. Senator Al Franken held a press conference on August 6 to provide information on the rebates and why they were significantly lower than what Minnesota health insurance companies had anticipated. Earlier this year, insurers predicted that consumers would receive some $14.6 million in rebates due to the medical loss ratio provision of the Affordable Care Act. Minnesota health insurance companies may have…

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Insurance rebates coming to Massachusetts consumers

Michigan health insurance

Division of Insurance announces rebates for consumers and businesses Massachusetts insurance regulators have announced that many of the state’s citizens can expect to receive rebates on their insurance coverage. Insurance Commissioner Joseph Murphy notes that the rebates are coming from five of the state’s largest insurance companies. Insurance rebates will be issues to approximately 50,000 individual policyholders and another 50,000 businesses throughout the state. The insurance rebates total $56.8 million. Insurance rebates connected to 2010 law The Massachusetts Division of Insurance notes that the insurance rebates are $10 million higher…

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The health care reform timeline for rebates

Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Estimates say that 2012 will see a total of $1.3 billion but that there is a wide variety among states. An analysis performed by the Kaiser Family Foundation has estimated that there will be rebates totaling $1.3 billion for consumers and businesses by the end of August this year. This money will come from insurance companies that spent more than the maximum allowed on non-care expenses. The Affordable Care Act states that only 20 percent of the income taken in from premiums can be spent on administrative and other costs…

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Kaiser Foundation report predicts health insurance rebates for U.S. workers

Health Insurance refund

Rebates spurred by Affordable Care Act The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a new report that shows U.S. consumers can expect to see large rebates from health insurance companies. These rebates come courtesy of the federal Affordable Care Act. One of the law’s provisions, known as medical loss ratio, requires insurers to pay no less than 80% of the money they collect from premiums on improving medical care. If companies cannot meet this standard, they must return this money to policyholders. The Kaiser report notes that those receiving health insurance…

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