Insurance Website Review (2020)

online insurance website

Website URL:  Rating: 5 stars is an online insurance marketplace and educational resource with a goal of simplifying insurance decision-making for consumers through education and comparison of companies, quotes, ratings, reviews, products and services, benefits, etc. If you’re presently searching for the best insurance company, both this review and this website are going to benefit you. Based in the startup nation of Israel, has blossomed into a full-scale business servicing the American market since its establishment in 2019. At present, a group of talented Israelis run this…

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New service sheds light on ratings for the insurance industry

insurance industry financial ratings

Fitch Ratings has launched its Ratings Navigator for Insurance service Fitch Ratings, a prominent statistical rating organizations, has launched a new service called Ratings Navigator for Insurance. The new service is meant to provide more information about the insurance industry, offering insight into how the organization’s ratings work and what affects these ratings on insurance companies. Some 50 insurance companies are categorized in the service, with these insurers operating in various parts of the world and offering numerous forms of insurance coverage. Service aims to shed some light on the…

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S&P introduces new factor for ratings assessment

International Insurance fund news

Firm to consider country risk in evaluation process Standard &Poor’s (S&P) a leading credit firm that provides ratings for the world’s insurance companies, has announced that it will begin considering country risk when evaluating insurers. Country risk refers to the risks associated in investing in certain countries. These risks can change depending on economic climate, the state of a country’s various businesses, and numerous political factors. The changes to the firm’s evaluation process will affect all lines of insurance and will be used to issue revised ratings to insurance companies.…

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Severe weather leads to over $1.2 billion in insurance losses in March

Insurance industry gets hit with huge losses for 2012. Global reinsurance intermediary, Aon Benfield, which is also responsible for the Aon plc capital advising, has released its most recent Global Catastrophe report edition, which provided an overview of the global natural disaster events of March 2012. The report was published by the catastrophe model development center of excellence for the company, Impact Forecasting. It showed that a number of serious weather events struck the Tennessee Valley, the American Midwest, and the Southeast of the country during the first week of…

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Tips for getting your home ready for the upcoming spring storms

The spring storms are on their way, and if there’s anything that could be learned from the record breaking natural events that occurred last year, it was that it’s very important to be prepared for their arrival. Though there’s nothing that you can do to stop the storms, there are a few precautions that you can take to give you some peace of mind when the big storm strikes. As a reminder, Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week is running from March 25 to March 30, spreading the word about the…

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States hardest hit by tornados in the U.S

The tornadoes that struck the South and Midwest American states this week, leaving 13 people dead and injuring many others, have drawn attention to the risk of twisters once again, following closely on the heels of 2011’s record breaking year for those and other severe weather events. Last year was the deadliest storm season in over three quarters of a century, and thunderstorms and tornadoes brought about approximately $25 billion in uninsured losses. Though the data regarding which states were struck most by tornadoes last year has yet to be…

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Hurricane Irene expected to birth higher insurance premiums in the East Coast

Hurricane Irene has come and gone but the storms effects may linger for several years. To date, the storm accounts for an estimated $7 billion in damages throughout the East Coast, making it one of the most costly natural disasters to strike the nation. The costs of damage are expected to influence property insurers who have long been leery of offering coverage to homes and businesses in risk prone areas. Consumers may be seeing higher premiums this year as a result of the hurricane. Higher premiums have been the theme…

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