Health insurance exchange website transactions failed one out of ten times

America's health insurance plan

Before the repairs, even when the site was “working”, it was recording only nine tenths of enrollments Though the Obama administration must have sighed a bit of relief when the federal health insurance exchange website was repaired in time for the start of this month, it has now been revealed that the website had not been properly transmitting about 10 percent of all coverage applications. A spokesperson for the government revealed that site users were let down more than previously believed. At the end of November, the White House brought…

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Insurance fraud continues in Jamaica amid insurer fear

insurance agency overbilling fraud

A senior police has said that insurers are too afraid to provide the information required to stop the scams. The lack of cooperation from insurers is now being blamed for the inability of police to be able to crack down on the personal injury insurance fraud that has exploded in Jamaica over the last few years. The senior official said that insurers have not been giving investigators data that would be required to pursue scammers. Senior Superintendant Radcliffe Lewis, the head of the police Traffic Division, explained that insurers have…

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